Poems about gender

When a girl's parents treat her boyfriend wrongthey're told off and corrected, and the problem is gone.
My rapist does not know That he was a rapist. You told him That he wasn’t.
Tied down by social restraints and Never being able to have that tie with someone that they love.
If I could change the world, I would change its eyes I would change skin tones from various colors to one
If I had the power to change the world I wouldn't ask for much but for the following three objectives: wars wouldn't have ever exist, pe
If I could draw the world the way I would, I would draw a smile on every child.
Their love is in secret, their passion concealed No acceptance from peers, their feelings aren’t real
They say the norm is man & woman.. But who really said?
Things cycling in my head on repeat. Repeat.
how come its gone? the concept the reasoning behind  true love  how come its hidden behing religious views