We Are One


United States
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It’s really funny how

Those words are put together.

Frankly, it doesn’t mean anything.

To the majority, I mean.

The world is hateful,

My generation is clueless,

But no one cares.

Judgment, hate, injustice, inequality,

Racism, sexism, biased, and stereotypes.

These are just few guilty parties

That takes hold in our world.

Always afraid to speak up,

So I put my thoughts into poetry.

So you know what world?

Just pay attention and listen to me.

I don’t care if you’re Black, White, Mexican,

Vietnamese, Arabian, Latino, or even Indian.

In my eyes, I don’t see one color,


And I do acknowledge the fact that

We have many races and ethnicities.

No matter how ancient our race seem, I see myself as part of the

Greatest race alive since the beginning:

The human race.


We as a people are powerful

In many, many ways.

Why can’t we show it?

Because we intimidate each other,

Fear our own success, and even worse,

We give in to everything that isn’t right.

It’s not about the money,

Clothes, or even reputation,

Guns, sex, drugs, and alcohol.

It’s not about your gender,

Race, sexuality, or religion.


It’s about you and your future.

It’s about your family,

Education, and future generations.

It’s about a better life

For all of God’s children.

So stop the violence, hate, and killing.

God has a will for all of us,

Don’t interfere with it.

Who are you to

Decide someone else’s fate?

Change can only start with us,

For we are one, and

No one will say otherwise.


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