Poems about gender

America. Land of the free.
Beyond Walls
I was judged before I even came out my mother's womb I was counted out and scorned despite my inner beauty
The country rolls on to its Republic Day, Its youth feels the pinch, the pain, Screams, cries, shouts and the anger,
Well, it seems we have a bit of a problem We've stuck ourselves in the exact same situation
I am disappointed. Disappointed in America. Disappointed in American citizens.
Who am I with no filter. with no color. with no sex  gender, or orientaion. with no reglious affiliantions. with no makeup.
"When will my reflection show who I am inside?" The words spoken by Mulan, my favorite princess Words of wisdom
It’s really funny how Those words are put together. Frankly, it doesn’t mean anything. To the majority, I mean.