Everybody Knows

Mon, 06/17/2013 - 22:04 -- Eunoia

Everybody knows. Everybody knows what love is. Everybody knows that love is beautiful. Because everybody knows what love is like. It ain't but what looks like, we know that we know because it's about what it feels like in the heart. We see it in their eyes; them shining so bright. We see it in their cheeks, in their ears, them chalked with bleach so red as if they had gotten a sunburn But we know they hadn't got no sunburn because we know that in order to have a sunburn you must have been in the thick of heat with sweat pouring from your pores, the sun laughing so hard because the sun has finally caught up with you. But still it is not about what it looks like. Because everybody knows that it is about what it feels like Then you can get a picture in your mind of the looks it can remind, like the pictures of your best friends arms slung over each others shoulders hanging over your bed. This. Is. What love is. It gives the warm feeling inside you filling up your insides just like the time you drank the too hot hot chocolate just after a winter snow. Like sitting in front of a campfire singing out loud with your friends and family around you. You can feel it warming your skin after a hug or a squeeze Everybody knows what love is. And everybody knows that everybody has felt it. But how come- How come whenever one gender kisses one from the same gender it's considering so shocking and new that it's considered a disappointment to ones own sex? You see it whenever a mother affectionately combs her daughters hair Or a father kisses his sons cheek. They do it because they love. It's the blossom in your heart that just starting to see the worlds ponies and rainbows. How come it is considered so wrong to be different? From having autism to having dark skin, it is just life as they know it, yes it's hard, but we all shape our lives to fit theirs they can experience the beauty of love too. How come it's considered wrong for there to be more them the two genders we care to know about? How come it's considered weird to love both genders? But if you all learn to see this beauty of pure love, And you open up your mind, You can see it, too. That something thought as so different is actually not so different but another way that love shows it's face. That is what love is. And it's beautiful.



It's sensitive but willing to face anything to make it look amazing. I love working with VOICE

Shaynah Woody

I like the way you wrote this poem and I would also like to watch your poetry grow into something more. I'm not sure of the double negatives you use over and over, but perhaps there is meaning behind them. Like two negatives are similar to the negative beliefs of people and in aknowledging this you assertain that this equals a poaitive reaction from those you love and who love you. This poem could easily be a three with more raw emotion. Don't hold back! It's the ugliest most true poems that get to the most people.


Uh, no, I am not saying that. How can I be more clear that I am only to enlighten about how people treat eachother...

Um, raw emotion such as my personal experience?

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