Tell me something, if you can
How is any one different,
When we both are made of the same thing
When we're of the same species?


Because she is female,
And he a male,
Is she to be considered the softer sex,
Weaker, and to be dominated?


Because they are a different race,
And them another,
Is the minority inferior to the majority,
Second class, and to be discriminated against?


Because they believe in a different religion and culture,
And them another,
Must religions and cultures be spit upon,
Looked down upon, and to be hated?


Because they love the same sex,
And them the opposite sex,
Is their love any different, is their love a sin,
Condemned, and to be shamed?


Because they identify as a different gender,
And them the one their sex dictated,
Are their feelings any less important,
Less respected, and to be undermined?


Answer me that without bias,
With an open heart and mind,
And say to me with utmost certainty, if you can,
That our preferences and ideals estrange us all.


They don't, and that's the truth,
Because what does it matter,
Why should it matter,
These differences that make us all unique?


Is it uncomfortable, is it strange,
Is it unsettling, is it bizarre,
That such diversity exists
Within one enormous, similar mass?


Why must there be hate
Where there should be none;
And when did it become so hard,
So wrong, to accept and be accepted?


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