What difference does it make?

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 02:08 -- Queen

"God's plan was to protect his women and children above all."

"It's just not safe for them."

"Women in combat will create a sexually charged atmosphere."


God's plan? Do you really think that in any part of God's plan that he wanted his children at war with eachother? Fighting eachother? Murdering eachother?

Safety? You're concerned about safety? Nobody is safe on the battle fields, regardless of their gender. What difference does it make when you're lying six feet under and your parents are crying over a folded flag?

Sexually charged atmosphere? Are you really going to go there? If our troops can't handle being in the same space as the opposite gender, then they should not be troops. I think our men and women can handle it. There are more pressing matters than sex, for instance, survival.

What difference does it make?


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