Poems about gender

I stand behind a glass case.I am an object to behold.For my submissive nature and gentler tones.
I would make everyone see that We're all human. We're all the same.
My English homework asks me to name things that are considered taboo in society.
When I'm told I could change anything
I would want to change something near, and dear to my heart I would want to bring families back together, being torn apart
The emphasis placed on between the legs Is what is reflected in the world today
I do believe in one God, but sometimes I have my doubts.I do believe in prayer, but it does not have to be said aloud.
“How do boys look good without makeup?”   Because society hasn’t told them they look bad without it
There are two ways to label, numbers and categories.  
 I am a woman, There is nothing to be ashamed of. I bleed once a month, sometimes twice