What I Would Change


I would want to change something near, and dear to my heart

I would want to bring families back together, being torn apart

I would want to help those who want a fresh start

Life isn't always easy, even if you play by the rules and act smart


I would want to help those who are in need

I would want to tear down those obsessed by their greed

In our new generation, I want to plant a new seed

About how if you try hard enough, you may just succeed


Unfortunantly that isn't always true

You can try hard, work hard, but someone, even someone who doesn't deserve what they have,

May end up being more successful than you. 

I would want to change the system, and how unfair it can be,

I would want equal pay, equal rights, equal opportunity. 


I would want to teach others not to judge others by their religion, sexual orientaion, sex, gender identity, race, ethnicity, past, present, future, socioeconomic class, education, disAbility, hobbies, music taste, language, and whether or not they like crunchy or smooth peanut butter, but honestly if you like crunchy peanut butter there may be something off about you. 

I want to bring humor back into the world. I would want to bring love back into the world. I would want to bring joy back into the world. We need more joy in this world. Even in the little things, like crunchy peanut butter if that's your thing. 

I just want to change the injust to just.

The wrong to right.

The hate to tolerence, or even love. 

Love everyone for who they are, what they teach you, what they bring into or out of your life. 

I would change the mindset of the world if I could.

To one that's about anger, and hate, and fear

Into one that embraces change, accepts the differences, and takes the time to smell the roses. 



I have chills this is amazing


honestly this a fantastic poem. i love it. its very inspiring. one of the very best poems ive ever heard. :)

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