Changing Society's Status Quo

There is a flaw in Society's Status Quo,

One that only women suffer from,

One that men pretend not to know,

but it is ready for change to come


We are prepared for love and a dream

We, the women, are taught to be faithful

we slave over a stove, and clean 

To marry and have a child to cradle


When both mama and papa are sane and present,

we are taught to be women of cordiality

we thought that boys were taught at that moment,

the same, but that is not reality.


"Boys will be boys" says society

When they abuse the act of sex

they know no such thing as sobriety

when living this gender complex


"She's a whore" says society ,

when a girl has fun,

Judged upon the rules of propriety,

when boys have none.


Call him foul names as you did me!

Let him learn to be faithful!

Let him know propriety!

Instead of being playful.


Let him prepare for marriage!

Like he was taught his selfish ways,

let him join our ruled carriage

and understand our days.


This is Society's Status Quo.

As old as a Roman village

One that women know

 only men have the privilege. 


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