The emphasis placed on between the legs

Is what is reflected in the world today

We have become so consumed with a person's sex

That it takes precedence over the person they are

Who they will become

What they will do

In fact, we decide what they must want

Just by painting the walls of their nursery

Blue for boys and pink for girls

They will not know what it is they desire

In the blue, lies the elements of masculinity we have given it

In the blue, lies the strength we associate it with

In the blue, lies the loyalty we as a society agree that it has

And of those qualities, in that blue, we apply those to men

In the pink, there is the feminine

In the pink, the fragility

In the pink, the fertility

We assign these roles, apply these rules and leave nothing but the person in our wake

That from an early age, if they are a boy who likes pink

Or a girl who likes blue, they are different

Well, I my friend, am different.

I am a male, with a female body

And I say, leave the social constructs

A person should not be classified as a sex by the gender we give it

You should not be emascualated for your love of pink

You should not be called a tomboy, for your love of blue

Leave societal constructs in our wake

Whether you, male, female, ftm, mtf, genderqueer, all genders, no gender, cat

Leave societal roles in our wake

And move toward a society of people

With a rainbow of colored walls for the innocent children they are

Leave societal roles in our wake

I know I would.

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