Poems About the Environment

Days like Rose's are not red to the color blind I fear the long drive will end in tarnation and mess,
waves of suspision splashed on the shore,  finding what truly matters always fathomed my mind.
Sunday's magic will soon unfold, With books, tea, and fireplaces. The sun glints through my reading hole,
As I walked along the street I saw the shadow of a soul Its heart was beaten, all I saw was dullness
Please, Green -- don’t go away. I'll miss Your endless pastures and rolling hills,
A tomb of opportunities spent -- Wretched anguish fills my soul   At the sight of that ominous,
A flowery dowry Is passed from the mother tree to her wistful daughters. Petals fall in the morning dew.
Capturing the essence of the natural world, Quaint living on the water. Beauty flowing from blossoming buds,
From the jump I was in love, Dark I confess
<p>Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win</p> ...