Dear Past, Present, & Future America

Fri, 05/29/2020 - 19:22 -- N.F SOL

Dear Past-Day America,

   The dreams that you created by your own hands soon built itself with the wisdom and insight of mighty people.

But your dreams involved breaking down the hopes and dreams of those people who looked and came from a different land of other dreams rather than your own.

This dream that you hoped to accomplish was fulfilled by those whos ideas were different soon   became broken which turned into dust that carried on to the present.



Dear Present-Day  America,

   Those dreams from the past soon swept on to this era of supposed change and equality, but those dreams that turned into dust continued to be carried in hope of finding a land of openness and safeness.

These dreams have been carried on for generations with lost heritage and unfulfilled dreams that passed up everyone and everything that are not open to the idea of having this land safe for others' who are not like them, unique with their minds and appearances.



Dear Future-Day America,

 I hope that my children would  be brave and speak their minds without the fear of being ignored or targeted due to their unique appearances.

 I hope  one day that you'll show the true change and  love that you stress about in your churches of love and openness to the world where we live and struggle in today.

I hope to see the support  towards the very thing that is uniting us and exercising our amendments to show how in pain we are in, but that support is towards those weapons that destroy us rather than build us. This is suppose to be the United States of America, not  the Segregation of America.

I hope to see that crushed dreams from the past and present to remain in the Future where change is suppose to be forever. But the dust that we step on isn't just the waste from the Earth, but the memories of the past on what America was built on, change.

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