Poems About the Environment

The sun feels like happiness soaking into my skin  The waves sound like music to my hears 
Nothing brings me greater joy Than to hold out my arms And hug the world Thanking the motherland for every trail
I know a girl, A girl from the hood. Inside broken, Outside looked good.  Her family shattered, 
Pieces found inside of a box Not necessarily made of cardboard No one ever pokes holes in it So you can breathe
It comes into your life- A fresh soul, Awaiting a home Waiting for tender loving and care
How can you search for answers within a book When there are hundreds of mountaintops to traverse?
1000 white lights like Christmas trees Grow dim as the night wanes Across the moonlit sky The luminous atmosphere
Freons The boulders have been ground by the waves Cascading onto beaches making sand over the ages
Think of the gold coin you once had, At that time, you're hardly sad. You're unconscious of its rule;
I always said  I'd rather freeze than burn Because ice can melt But ashes remain