Poems About the Environment

Human nature, both the most terrifying and comforting phenomenon out there. Humans
What is time ? A thing we created Time is Timeless Or Can time really run us short ?
Cover my earth mother four times with many flowers. Let the heavens be covered with the banked-up clouds.
Alien desolation expands Racial desperation increasing Nothing's working, bring the next one in
He sits upon his lofty throne, with a crown all rusty gold; Watching darkness all around;
    I look around and I think what else could my imagination see?   
Happiness is produced from the within Although honesty and kindness is where it begins 
In this world we are surrounded by limited resource. Most of which we have destroyed without remorse.
Words go one by one to finish a sentence or line, They can bring mystery,
What is a soul? Without being a sprirt. What is a flag? Without strips and stars. What is a game?