Poems About the Environment

I wish I be a winner, for I've came a long way & still I got so far to go being a racer.
Hold On Be Strong! 💪 These those dying on the Bedstead!
Waking up, hoping, but realizing nothing will ever change, the hours, minutes, go by
Here goes the cry of the Eagle. Prouding it's self of how far it can soar: High above the grounds;
Mother Earth is as beautiful as viewed from the Sky.
In These Days And Times It’s Getting HARD To Find... People On Whom... You Can TRULY RELY... !!!!!
I gazed upon the darkest sky and then I saw -- The stars. They flash like fiery embers through and through --
There's nothing good as merry as mellow meadows. An airfield of gentle buzzing breeze; mine shadows --
This is the story of a brother Who lived and died unfairly.
I ditched my Dolls Worked hard to get Here Had to Climb some Walls Some built from Fear