Poems About the Environment

Happiness is produced from the within Although honesty and kindness is where it begins 
In this world we are surrounded by limited resource. Most of which we have destroyed without remorse.
Words go one by one to finish a sentence or line, They can bring mystery,
What is a soul? Without being a sprirt. What is a flag? Without strips and stars. What is a game?
The sun shined brightly The moon glowed against the sky  Like both yin and yang  
I am from over stacked bills Feuds in the house about where the money will go I am from insecurities
I wake up in the shimmery light Of the early sun’s sigh. The rays pour in through the open blinds
Flowers are not only decorations, but they are also enchanting  gifts that grow from earth, they bring happiness to
    It’s 5:30 so I wake up To a day I know is going to be long  
I paused upon a morning breeze Gently flowing through the trees; These leaves became like little hands