Poems about Animals

As a New Yorker, it was a usual day as the rest.
Fragrant wild roses, surrounded by Photinia hedge, Daylight sprinkle evenly on the ground,  
Fly bird High bird In the sky bird. Down bird Crowned bird In the ground bird Hop bird
Welcome to my world or perhaps my heart, That`s how most start, But in mine don`t you dare knock on that door,
PREFACE: gloogenheister, gloogenheister he's a looks a bit like a little gleister gloogenheister, gloogenheister
When will the winds finally reach its destination, what then? Will we ever be satisfied in this world of plenty?
POEM BY: ALICK MUSHEKWA® ©2020 *THE OLD AFRICA LIVES* Westerners have tried to change Africans mentality,
Glass spiraling down, and everything seems slow motion. A high pitched crash as glass shatters is a perfect example of my emotions.
M - motivational O - open minded T - tough and strong H - heart of gold E - enthusiastic
Hell is breaking The crust is crucking The sky is falling The helpless are calling The moon is vanishing