Poems about Animals

COLOURS Dear mr strive hard Have you been losing your colours Till you are now a shade of black
Why measure me with your yardstick
 Job 39:13-17  New English Translation
fear is described as a Chemical release by the brain to protect you from danger , Others like to describe it as a feeling that
She was a little bundle of joy that I brought home A week old Golden retriever with shining golden coat
What a wait at the end have no fearJust take the drive you're already hereEmbrace nature's most humble decor
We are the generation In which the world has Placed its trust onto.   We are the future.
When you died, it brought about sadness, pain and tears.You died three months ago today, that's a fourth of a year.
The predator     Upon the earth this animal breathes   And walks silently with the breeze 
I knew a little bird Whose colours are green and red  It flies so high; it flies so low