Poems about Animals

       Blinded by worldly possessions and being taken advantage of. I allowed my soul to be  corrupt with bitterness.
If you can't "Ribbit," Or play leap frog, Answer the riddles, Of the frogs on this log!    
Philippians 3:3-4       New King James Version
The moon was out and I saw some sheep. I saw some sheep take a walk in their sleep.
Feelings and closeness,are we the only onesthat romantically and lovinglytry to stick together?
Birds fly high Into the blue sky As you watch the wind blow through You see a scary animal that says boo
Hello I am currently a high school student and I am using this poem for my folio piece, feedback would be much appreciated although I am
Love for a mother is strong. Love for a mother is when she puts other things on hold to focus on her children.
Medical scientists have secretly done many unlawful experiments on human subjects.
TOMORROW, I'll cry for all the world,for all the things gone wrong.