Poems about Animals

They suppose that time is the best healer
In the beginning there was nothing, lonely in space I orbited, Shaded blind till she came along my dearest friend illuminated
This is the common sap of humanity's tree. It flows within us all. A shared communion enabler and advancer
"They're here for us to eat" They say "It's my personal choice" They say 
Another Anxious Animal Aiming Aimlessly Bears Bearers Brazen Barracudas Barrelling
For all actions logical or senseless, there are consequences. And at times I'm offended and become defensive,
Cold in winter Hidden ‘neath the frozen bridge Could it get any colder
Monday morning, early morning
Shades of Brown   Many thoughts are invoked by my skin.
If I had a dime for every animal I currently own in my house, I’d