In memory of my stepfather John Paul Hensler

In memory of my stepfather John Paul Hensler

by Sandrajohnsonj on June 16, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

You faced your life just like you faced your death! with strength, courage, and faith in our Lord.
You would always tell us to pray, for those who do us wrong.  And to kill them with our kindness and love.
You faced your cancer for many year's. You never let us see you shed a tear.. And you never showed an ounce of fear. You was always so loving sweet and kind.

when I lost you a peace of me died. And for months on end all I could do was sit and cry.
when pastor came to pray over you. He asked you  Brother John when its your time to go. Not when the docs say it is time. or when your family wants..

But when dose John Paul think he's ready to go home to see our Lord. Daddy got this biggest smile on his face. Ann held up his hand with 3 fingers raised. He said well I'm going to go home to be with my lord in 3 days. 

we all look at daddy in dismay. Said no it can't be your still way to healthy. Moma saying to daddy you can't leave me alone. As we all gathers around daddy for prayer. Over the next few days we watch him slipping further away.

Then on the 3 day to the exact second daddy told us all he was going to see the Lord !
Daddy gets this huge smile on his face. And tells us what he sees! I see Mommy Grace waiting for me Grandma and grandpa Hensler.. And all the family who had went before him.

Then such peace comes over him as he says and I see my Lord waiting for me with arms wide open. Then as Mommy held daddy's hand with her lips kissing his daddy took his Last gasping breath.  He left us so peaceful yet with a lot of emptiness.

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