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Some days I wonder what my life would be like  If I opened the door here  And closed another there   Some days I wonder how the match didn't strike Yet if I wonder enough Can I see a new me?
Dang it all why does inspiration come at two oh three am?   I'm listening to the wind blow Grandma’s wooden wind chimes together to the  tickticktick 
Can we take a moment to just stop? Just stop. Stop and think. Think about people. The people in your life. How your life is with those people in them. How your life is without those people in them. 
Sometimes it is hard to stay positive and to believe in yourself, You think you have it all planned out but there are people around you who try to convince you to be someone else.
My life you say Then why must try and take away You say that you trust and yet your actions mislead You say that you love but your soul is all green Green with envy that is of the steps I am taking
Some sort of sour stench seeps into my senses as I stroll across the sidewalk.A split second -- my sixth sense smells somethingseriously sinfulserenading through the streets.
erusaert I lliw syawlA ,syawlA dniK dna ,lufpleH ,ylevoL sgniht llA dniW eht ,seerT ,skcoR ,slaminA revoL ,tnedutS ,dneirF ,rehcaeT rehtorB ,sretsiS ,rehtaF ,rehtoM dnatsrednu llits dna ,ees nac ew yaw eht ,lla fo tsoM The mysterious of All, God,
She is the clay that molded me. A soul's travel that passed down from mother to daughter. What is bad and what is good, What depends and flows within the gray, Values embedded in DNA.
There seems not to be enough time in the day, nor moments where I can offer you my praise. But now that I have taken some time, I simply wish to say,
  Thank you for what you have done It has been loads of fun   Thank you for showing me to live my life free
I appreciate you  
Oh, Mystic Michael You were famous in a world that not many people understand Oh, Mystic Michael When you showed up, you were supposed to fix our problems Oh, Mystic Michael
Dear God, I love You. Very Very Much I love You because You first loved me There’s no Love greater than Yours, I’ve never heard of such
Slowly and sweetly arises my soul with a comforting, soothing fear. A place, not a place, a man, not a man: Heaven! I'm finally here. The guilt's gone away, tears flit to my eyes. Why do I cry in such bliss? 
You may think it, but it isn't worth it I'm getting pretty sick of your shit You've got friends, family, someone to love But away with all that for liquor you shove Pour it down the drain
dear grandma,  i'm currently applying for college and every day of my life,  i grow more and more appreciative of your presence in my life.  i owe everything i am to you 
True kindness is a gem You only experience it a handful of times in your life When you experience it, it's like a rose Or maybe, a rose garden
When we are born they are our only friend, they clean up messes and help you to the end. When you are a toddler, screaming and pouting,
I know that look in your eye. That you want to cry, that you’re scared to die.   But have no fear, Dear. Do you know why? All your troubles will pass by, I promise you that is no lie.
Awake at 3 in the morn, When the spawn of tired and creativity is born. I lay on doubled cushions Gazing into silence. Will I be dreary in the sunlight? Of course, but funcionality does not lower flight.
Some say it is impossible to try to take on the powers of God. Some say it's wrong. Some say just bow without question. Are you the part of the some?There is are war going on between my spirit and my flesh.
...Who knows what I would've put me through... Though these words are true and they seem to hurt to you, I must admit that there is always a bit of satisfaction that seems to seep through. 
Being hated is my biggest fear And of my struggles you are unaware But through all of this unbeknownst to you some of the little things you do have helped me through
Self Destruction by Nestor G. Mendoza Looking back at my childish ways, lord knows of my devilish days.
For being able to walk outside and look at the constellations, I am thankful. I spend hours outside tracing the stars with my fingertips, creating combinations astronomers haven't even thought of yet.
Of all the people I have met over the years You seem to stick on my mind after a few beers You have a good head on your shoulders and a pure soul to your name I hope one day that I have the same
The first of the year Page one of the next three hundred and sixty five  It doesn't seem long, a whole revolution around the sun seems longer At the begining of this year I didn't understand the blessings I had
I may not want to get up in the morning; in fact that seems to happen a lot. I may not want to wake up one day. Even though I should, I may not. But I know that I need to wake up, and be grateful too. When open my eyes,
Its hard to write a short poemAbout things that make me happyI wrote a two page poem and thought"Its too long and too sappy."I had to be selective Like picking out a mateSo here are about ten things
With one step through the door, out into the escape of stress, and uncertainty, 
Come dearest, watching the walking flash My blue sky becomes a silvery ash Your sonorous taste of your way get brilliant As a lamp over Jesus is now touch become a garment of the resilient  
Days suck and people suck Waiting sucks and needing sucks  But then there are Days and people and moments
They say That two is company, and three's a crowd I don't quite feel the same.  No matter the amount, good friends are priceless, Whether wild or tame. My lifelines are my friends and family.
I am  The one who became all she said she never would.    I am
I am not she I will never look the same But, I am me And you are to blame.   You say that you love me How can that be? I am not perfect I’m only maybe a 3.   In your eye,
What does awesome mean to you? When you think of awesome You think of that great big success You think of acing that end-of-year test We think of celebrations and parties And being our best
Outside in the midst of nature and a boundary set by humans 
Hey life, we had a good one, didn't we. Lots of adventures, so many things to see. Ive done so much, yet it is barely anything. Thank you, for all the experiences you bring.
Little Things
You keep green apples and orange on the desk in your room. Pictures of me, and me and you, hang from the shelves like prayer flags.
There a poor man and his wife and children at a restaurant
Dear Mom, Dad I see it I see the road Twisting ahead of me And I see you're scared too   I see the rain clouds And the twists The little snares That pull me down after the bends
To be loved by a beaten soul  Is a special kind of love To be loved by one who is not given it Is beautiful To know I am special enough to hold such a delicate heart within my rough hands
Blessed is the man that do not walk in the counsel of the unGody, nor stand in the way of sinners,
I once had a childhood; carefree, full of dreams.     I once had a family; happy, loving.     I once had my sight; to explore, to enjoy, to embrace the world around me.    
You have people in this world who:
Every morning she wakes up To do the same exact thing As soon as she comes home from school She endures the beatings All she wants is to get away Far from this place
He said, 'I pity that old woman, ' but ran away when she asked for help.
  Your touch. Your smile. Your voice. The beauty you allowed me to see. Moments of laughter and words of wisdom ; I will always cherish.
I feel that I've been blessed
It only took but a moment, For those planes to crash. All those innocent lives went, And the people turned to ash.   It only took but a moment, For their wedding to occur.
Would you just suck it up already? The complaining, the whining, the pouting, the absolute insanity. You don't know how good you've got it. You're ignorant to those who suffer.
Grew up with only one image in my eyes, "I will never make it". It was even worse soon as I heard that my best friend, my mother was taken.
Poor Kids in Bangladesh   Poor kids in Bangladesh; sweat, tears, heat, fears. Poor kids in Bangladesh.  
Just release the bad, Invite the good and you'll see A life meant to be
Wings churching, brilliant orange light, the unsettled monarch now leaps into flight. first one beat then two beats, then three and then four, as the king of the butterflies sets out to explore.
To think I was never Going to find you I thought That The world wasn't In our favor
In the heart of the city of Manhattan, There once was a girl by the name of Ashton. She was as rich as could be, As her parents were the CEO’s of a large company. Her funds were spent like they never would end,
Alive I am Alive yes I am Alive My bones tingle with the energy of life itself The energy of life surrounds me it protects me it cradles me, guides me guidance
Some strive to be different But I strive to be me. They say that it's easy But, some will never see. They don't know my struggle, they don't know my pain. After years of practice, patience, and pain
Lets talk about Christ he is the way, he is the truth, he is the light all three in one the Holy Spirit, and the Father, and the Son so everybody i hope you listenin' if your not in Christ i know your missin'
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