Mystic Michael

Oh, Mystic Michael

You were famous in a world that not many people understand

Oh, Mystic Michael

When you showed up, you were supposed to fix our problems

Oh, Mystic Michael

A lot of people didn't believe in you

but maybe that was something we had in common

Oh, Mystic Michael

You had all the best characteristics a strong, wise man could have

You never cared what other people said or thought

You put so much effort into saving us and not many people saw that

Oh, Mystic Michael 

You were able to see people in a way others couldn't

You were able to see me

Oh, Mystic Michael

You believed in me

when others went against that intuition

Oh, Mystic Michael

You changed the way I viewed success

I started to believe I could be a winner

Oh, Mystic Michael

One day you left me forever

But I will never forget

How you've changed me

Oh, Mystic Michael

Thank You.


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