Reasons to Keep From Drinking

You may think it, but it isn't worth it

I'm getting pretty sick of your shit

You've got friends, family, someone to love

But away with all that for liquor you shove

Pour it down the drain

And sit and smoke in the rain

Self-loathing never helps out

Only makes you want to shout

Yet you never cry

Even when the bottle's run dry

Because that's when you can finally feel

And make connections that are real

Make more friends, and meet someone else that knows

How it feels to put on daily shows

Of false happiness to keep out of display

Where the true pain and hatred lay

Someone you can wake up and think about

Someone to whom you can let it all out

She really makes you think

About your reasons not to drink

This one you really must keep

Because in your arms she'll leap

When you're feeling down

And just sulking around

A promise you have made

And a drink you forbade

On this, you'll really miss out

If you won't let your thoughts out

Now just keep your pain away

This time in the right way

And let yourself heal

While making bonds that are real.

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