For I Am Grateful

There seems not to be enough time in the day,

nor moments where I can offer you my praise.

But now that I have taken some time,

I simply wish to say,

thank you, for I am grateful.


I am grateful to have you in my life,

Without you I know not where I would be.

Through the times of growth, the times of despair,

You have always been there for me.

Thank you, for I am grateful.


I am inspired by how your tough adolescence

Led you to lead a life of independence.

Your struggle has become your children's benefit.

We owe you the world and will forever be in debt,

But thank you, for I am grateful.


And when the world knocks me down,

I think back to your words of wisdom,

your encouragement, and I get back up on my feet.

I will believe in myself no matter what and

treat others how I want to be treated.


For the time I didn’t make the team,

And the time I was not so sure,

You helped me to remain optimistic,

And to find yet another door.

So thank you, for I am grateful.


You taught me diligence, perseverance,

To be open to new things.

But a mother like you deserves more than a few thank you’s,

Since you are like an angel with beautiful wings.

Thank you, for I am grateful to be your daughter.


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