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Cinderella and her shoe, Rapunzel and her hair that always grew. Beauty and strength I held so dear, when I saw Belle I gave out a cheer. My Disney dreams surrounded me, the princesses: who I wanted to be.
See my memories of my grandma’s kitchen is not like that of yours It didn’t smell like lavender or fresh lemon detergent
We were told when we were little we could be anything Little girls could be princesses Little boys could slay dragons  
There was once a beautiful witch with a heart as black as coal She appeared on the steps of a castle and cursed thousands of souls She blamed the prince's greediness and said his heart was dark
What if Cinderella was actually a slave whose prince led her through the Underground Railroad? What if Aurora had social anxiety? What if Snow White had Dissociative Identity Disorder?
EXPOSED! The Princess Dress (a girl’s life behind the fairy tale scenes) By Krystle Zachary   Please listen! Lean forward now As we all discover The typical princess life
Once upon a time, I was a princess I was a beauty who lived in a castle; I sang with the birds, spoke gracious words, But all the while found my stigma a hassle   There was a prince I was supposed to love,
i don't think it was direct, the way i was told i was only meant for frills and ball gowns and vhs tapes i dreamt would leak into real life   but i was still told, wasn't i
The Maiden’s Untold Tale (What Girls Need to Know) By Briana Myall   Please ignore their sugared stories. Listen to our ancient lore. Don’t speak of happy endings. Not knowing what we bled for.  
<Opening> Birth, isolation, indulgement in nature Innocence, happiness, bounded in Eden Dancing, smiling, someone else’s pleasure. <Decision>
If Cinderella had taken her fate into her own hands, She wouldn’t have lost her glass heel. Maybe she would have ran away, hung a red lantern above her door.
if you wanna be a princess, there are some things you have to know: how to be polite, not ask questions, plan ahead. sit still, ana, so that
My name is Aurora, and you probably know my classic tale, But what if I was to tell you that in the end it failed?   It started when a fifteen-year-old I Touched a spindle and nearly died  
Growing up, the happy endings are shoved down our throats Like a spoon full of sugar While other kids grow up with the harsh realities of their lives
I’ve stopped drinking from the wishing well of health Guaranteed to keep you young and make all your wishes Come true. Despite the try my will ran dry Has I came to the realization not everything is flawless
Once in a castle far away, there lived a princess and she slept away waiting for her prince to come resolve her problems. Too bad the prince was eaten by zombies. In absolute fear the princess soon realized she had woken up from desolate sleep.
What would be different, If what I chose was an                 Altercation                                 Revelation                                                 Procession? Rather it’d be simple.
You say I was your Cinderella. The problem, though, is that Prince Charming doesn’t lie and Cinderella isn’t supposed to be a troubled soul. I think, if I have to be a princess, I’d rather be Fiona,
pulling out my hair drowning in despair Cinderella made me believe in happily ever after and driving into the sunset chased by laughter even though her prince left her because of the baby weight
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