broken fairytales


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pulling out my hair
drowning in despair
Cinderella made me believe in happily ever after
and driving into the sunset chased by laughter
even though her prince left her
because of the baby weight
now she refuses to eat
sealing her fate
Sleeping Beauty's prince forgot to kiss her
and when she passed i doubt he'll missed her
because the wicked witch had all the cash
and it made Prince Charming got over the fact shes got a saggy ass
so now the tired beauty is a worthless gold digger
(ha-ha go figure)
the Little Mermaid gave up everything for a man
traded her voice for legs and woke up naked on the sand
someone slipped something in her drink
and now shes popping prozac and living on the brink
cause you see girls
this may not be popularly known
but Arial had a revolutionary voice
that made you love her without a choice
but now shes mute for a man that doesn't love her
and turnung tricks to pay the rent
or else she'll be living out on the cement
Jasmine on the other hand
played hard to get
and made an impression on Alladin that he couldnt forget
with her pet tiger lounging by her side
Jasmine knew she was a winner
she knew this with pride
instead of going for some pretty boy
who'd surely use her as a toy
she went for
a humble beggar boy.

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