Steps to Becoming a Real Life Princess


United States

if you wanna be a princess,

there are some things you have to know:

how to be polite,

not ask questions,

plan ahead.

sit still, ana, so that

they can place that crown

on your head.

be courteous,

do the dishes,

keep you “please” and “thank you”s,

understand where you are,

dream a little, cinderella,

and keep your feet in a straight line.

hike your skirts up when you walk,

oh, rapunzel, pin up your hair.

take a breath and hold it,

1, 2, 3,

let it out. stay calm.

keep your thoughts to yourself

so you don’t make a mess,

read a book, ariel, stay grounded.

try to understand what you need to know

to be a princess.

once upon a time means you’ll get

a happy ending.

tidy up for yourself,

be fair and gentle,

count your golden, little blessings.

thoughtful, careful,

that’s all they’re asking, belle.

keep it steady,

keep it quiet.

don’t make a fuss or riot or scene.

snow, don’t let yourself get too caught

in a dream.

but don’t let the world get to you.

because if you know merida,

you know they’re gonna wanna keep you down,



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