My Poetic Fabrication


What would be different,

If what I chose was an




Rather it’d be simple.


Complexities of androgyny

Of blending a harmonious future,

Of love,  of creation.

                Counteracting the poetic life for me.

The one made for me.


She told me to dream large,

Larger than the mostest ginormous, colossal mountain I could imagine.


It was the elementary years,

                Everything was clear.

                The fears

                                The tears

                                                Giant teddy bears.


Starting so young,

I thought I was at the top of my game,

High on my horse.


My endeavors ceased.


No one heard me.


But, I fought on…




My castle of lovely dreams,

Surpassed my expectations.


I never gave up on my poetic fabrication.



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