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Step One When you see flashing blue and red lights behind you, do not panic! (Unless you are black.)  If so, run through a mental list  Rapid-fire
"Protesting is the language of the unheard" ~Martin Luther King Jr.   2017, No SARS they said, they're bribing us of our money,   2018, Remove SARS they said, they're raping our females
red, white, and blue what does this mean to you? parades and pride, a country you take in stride. that's what the colors should do for you.  
Media shows you only what they choose Media barely covers the real news  You shoot up a church and they try to say it was your mentality 
It’s an  Anxiety   That doesn’t  Need to be diagnosed  But it’s felt And it’s known Like Brown 
Finger on the trigger All it takes is one wrong step One wrong moment  For innocent blood to spill and seep into the sidewalk “Hands up where I can see them!” 
Trimble 1 Reginald Trimble All Men Are Created Equal? A well known African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist (Malcolm para. 1),
America By: Tia Rowe America, the Great for it, is modest America, the Brave for it, is a coward
Let’s stick with the facts we don't want any one getting confused  In this world of different colors, why is it me I'm getting accused? Not just that, at the hands of an officer I'm facing death 
If we aren't getting killed by cops or enduring police brutality  We are killing each other. It's like the fighting never stops. History is slowing repeating itself, just in different versions.
It's the same ole song, Just a different day, I heard the white man found a new uniform for the KKK.  My people doing a lot of tweeting but it ain't enough acting,
She asks me, Quieres café? And I respond you are too sweet. Too sweet to the point that I don’t have to take a sip from this Colombian coffee Because you helped me rise when I fell deep and saw nothing but fake images.
Like Sterling SilverHe probably had a daughter He probably tried to shield her He was selling CD'sJust
"All lives matter," they respond,  as thousands of black and colored people across the country  protest and rage against the countless injustices that have been brought upon black men and women
Like Rev. Jesse Jackson Said " Hands That Once Picked Cotton, Can Now Pick Presidents".
Talking to me why bother? I’ve gotten this far without my father Hurt, Pain, Sorrow, and Agony Not much more can really sadden me Those people are only saying rude jokes but,
Colorless is how people should appear to a police officer’s view Offender’s skin shouldn't make a difference in the end its true
All across the nation people are searching for retaliation.
As a woman I am told to be quiet Keep it down They try to keep me down Below you, looking up On my knees, I exist only in ways that service you They want me to hear, not to speak  
White Policeman Armed Dark Skinned Teenager Unarmed Racism Kills Again  
Enough! No more! Brutality needs to stop! Screw the 2nd amendment just cause it was at a pawn shop! Sure, you have the right but is it really okay. Just cause you have one, you don’t get a parade.
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