Finger On The Trigger - A political statement

Finger on the trigger

All it takes is one wrong step

One wrong moment 

For innocent blood to spill and seep into the sidewalk

“Hands up where I can see them!” 

the police officer shouts whilst trembling.

Doesn’t he know I’m just a kid?

Why is he scared of me?

I have a family waiting for me back home.

Tears begin to flow from my eyes as I realize reality.

This is the sad truth many black Americans face in this country.

Everytime a police officer walks past me I stiffen.

Everytime I scroll through social media I see another innocent black life taken.

Why should I be afraid of those who are supposed to protect as serve?

Why am I threat to a society?

Why am I being hunted?

I just want to see my family again.


It’s not over 

Although these abuses of power happen every day

We can’t let that stop us from making a difference 

We must fight for equity

We must move forward 

We must remember those who didn’t deserve to die

This poem is about: 
Our world


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