Black Lives Matter

It's the same ole song, Just a different day,

I heard the white man found a new uniform for the KKK. 

My people doing a lot of tweeting but it ain't enough acting,

let me know when y'all ready to stop preaching and ready to start practicing,

We need less talking and a whole lot of activist 

  Throw ya triangles up and you call it illuminati, right? All I see is power controlled by people that just "happen to be white"  Y'all better wake up..   It doesn't take Einstein to realize.... THIS SYSTEM  They don't want us to have wisdom  So instead they pull the trigger    They put out these portrayals of "what's hot"  & allow our youth to think its okay to go to the party and take 6 shots Meanwhile some crooked cop, let go of 6 shots on somebody's daddy on the block    They'll never understand our pain  They yelling "All lives matter"  But they are not the ones being treated inhumane  So yeah y'all matter too, but the fact remains  For years our culture has been abused, accused, and left in vain    So cause you had authority, you don't get convicted?  Man you took a persons life and you claimed they "resisted"    You had your knee in his back, man he couldn't even breathe, Why did you even bother him he was just trying to sell CD's,   It was just a failure to signal   all he wanted was some skittles  The system is far from fair  They left his body to just lay there  They will never understand a black persons struggle-- I've never heard the white man end their conversations with be safe, or take care ......

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My community
Our world
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