My name is Eric Garner

Let’s stick with the facts we don't want any one getting confused 

In this world of different colors, why is it me I'm getting accused?

Not just that, at the hands of an officer I'm facing death 

Officer, officer! It’s not like I'm out here selling meth! 

It’s just cigarettes, why you tripping I'm tired of this shit 

There’s white boys raping drunk girls and getting away with it 

Hate me for getting mad if it means hatred copes with your guilt 

Imagine the moments i faced before death on the concrete ground 

Imagine how i felt 

I’m the criminal I’m the bad guy 

If you see Pantaleo, ask him why 

Better yet, ask the people defending him what they think of criminal injustice

Ask them what they think, what they think this is? 

This isn't justice, fuck the pledge of allegiance 

Shit like this makes me question Jesus 

When people start to forget me, it won’t be the end 

The beginning is just getting darker 

Keep these stories with you, please

 My name is Eric garner 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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