No Justice

Media shows you only what they choose

Media barely covers the real news 

You shoot up a church and they try to say it was your mentality 

You sell loosies on the side and suffer from police brutality 

Mothers worried sick about their baby boy

Siblings waiting for you by the door

Unfortunately you won't walk through it no more

Can you imagine?

Looking in the mirror and hating your own skink

Cause you're targeted 

Cause of the color of your own skin 

Laquan McDonald shot 16 times

"He lunged at me with a knife" says Vandyke 

He was crossing the street when you took his life 

Imagine, feeling inferior cause the quote on quote superior focus on your exterior, 

And suddenly you're a suspect.

That ain't true?

Look at Trayvon Martin 

White superiority is real 

Making people of color feel like a minority yo what's the deal?

It's been like that from the start 

Just look at our history

History is told from the winning side

"Never again" is said for every genocide 

But we set aside all of that shit

The government fucks over their own people 

America stands there looking through the peep hole 

We don't want to intervene for the sake of our allies

Fuck that it's all lies 

Look at Syria

Children being killed 

America only cares about the oils that are drilled

Women and men being shot 

You scrolling on Instagram like "Damn that girls hot"

Governments just want to stay in power 

Doesn't matter how many people are killed per hour

You think the government cares about its people?

So tell me why there is a genocide in Darfur 

Tell me why people of color are targeted by police 

The media will feed you that bullshit that fake shit 

They fake it 

We take it

But reality is different 

You get shot by police and they wanna dig up your old past 

Tryna make it seem justified

 They jump on that shit fast 

Now you got debates on whether you deserved to be shot 

But really all you were doing was tryna shop

But you were stopped and frisked

"He dressed like that he knew the risk"

But that's not true

You were just tryna Christmas shop for your boo

Just wanted something that said "Baby girl I love you" 

But you were denied

Yeah the officer was tried 

But never convicted 

That's the case nowadays... 

Cops don't catch a case nowadays

So brace for impact 

Cause shit is going down 

They don't hear us when we protest 

So fuck it we gonna riot 

Fuck the system we gonna fight it 

We live in a world where you gotta fight for peace 

We live in a word where broke people gotta fight for a lease

We live in a world where if you're white you're right 

If you're colored you're a suspect 

Shit, nobody ever tried to inspect 

The deeper depths of my soul 

Because of the media you believe in the stereotypes 

I remember growing up thinking it was gonna be all good

But then I hear ambulances are delayed going into the hood

I thought all cops were heroes 

Till I heard they were shooting more than D Rose 

Then I froze 

I was sleep before but now I'm awoken

The people of higher authority are gonna hear the words I've spoken

Cause Martin Luther King didn't die for this

Malcolm X ain't fight for this 

People of color been fighting for basic human rights throughout history 

Just listen to a man let him tell his story 

You claim to understand but you'll never know the pain 

You'll never know the things they struggled to gain

People of color were taken from their family and stripped of rights to build America from the ground up 

Now it's time to fight once more and rise up 

To shatter the social spectrum 

To keep our momentum 

Instead we put power in the hands of a stranger

Who makes sacrifices that'll put us in danger

Who fills us with false hope

Pretending to look through our scope

To see the vision we envision but make the wrong decision claim to listen 

But they tune us out 

Our cries to stop police brutality 

Are constantly ignored 

The government only cares about their tax dollars

What a disgrace to our founding fathers

We need to gain our voice back as the people

Justice for all these wrongful killings 

We gotta get heads turning 

Before America starts burning

Focus on the issues at hand

Arrest so aggressive dudes can't even stand 

Screaming at the police 

"I can't breathe" 

Motherfuckers get paid leave 

And families are left to grieve

Black man shot on Christmas Eve

Is that what I should expect to see?

Governments killing their own people for wanting change

And we got people on the streets begging for change 

We have so much poverty 

It bothers me

Cause while I got a roof over my head 

And my back against a bed 

They out there with their back on the floor 

Reflecting the dreams for life they had before 

We got people in government tryna make the rich richer 

Meanwhile making the poor poorer 

My parents struggle to pay bills and we're middle class

Cause the system set up for us is straight ass

You see, I wanna be the child that made it 

Went to college and became successful 

The child that my parents can be proud of 

Not the child to lose his virginity to the system because it fucked me 

Imma overcome the obstacles set before me 

There will be justice for these wrongful killings in my lifetime 

America won't be filled with so much hate crime

The people of Syria will get the change they want 

And Darfur will not suffer another genocide

Another bullet will not be shot into an innocent unarmed black man 

Like Martin Luther King I have a dream 

A great dream I wish he could've seen 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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