I Despise Everyone


Talking to me why bother?
I’ve gotten this far without my father
Hurt, Pain, Sorrow, and Agony
Not much more can really sadden me
Those people are only saying rude jokes but,
Do they know this person has to go home and cope?
Try to regain their hope they had
I’m so fucking mad
The simple fact is no one cares
When you look different or are an outcast
Then everybody stares
I was raised better than that
What appears is a black cat
With yellow eyes to my surprise

May the bad luck arise
How many people call each other the same name
We would get called as we got lynched and died?
The white man put bloody sores
On our bodies until we flinched and our fists clinched
I completely hate it
This world is becoming so degrading
Some Gangbangers deal drugs, exploit women, or plain out bang
But, when it comes to education
Half of them don’t know a thing
It takes time to become prosperous and to own the bling

It feels as if some of the stuff I ask God
He never replies or just denies
You ask
Why do I despise?
I despise for all sorts of reasons
Soon I’ll be leaving
Cops would shoot all the people of color on the earth
For what it’s worth
They think of us as dirt
Just because you have a lot of authority and power
It doesn’t mean you can treat people like shit
And tower over us
You’re the real cowards
It’s none of us
In police people have lost their trust
That’s not an opinion it’s a must
We have learned to become accustomed to

God we believe in you
You’re nice, loving, and caring
And Look like the color of bronze
I wish you could hold me in your arms
When there are no natural disasters or storms
For it will be of no harm
Only peace and love
A great fantasy world I’ll be thinking of
My whole life
You I wanted to meet
Let me feel the treat of happiness
The color of my heart isn’t black
But, it’s cracked and bad like dark charcoal
My only wish is for it to shine and sparkle
I could go on for days
About this world I hate
And how people go in their foolish ways
Speak the truth
Then there will be no lies
Therefore then I’d have nothing to despise at all

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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