Alton Sterling

Like Sterling Silver
He probably had a daughter
He probably tried to shield her
He was selling CD's
Just trying to make a living
They say he had a gun
But in Louisiana
That's a given

Alton toting chrome
Trying to protect his dome
And they still shot him in it
Cuz pigs ain't got no repentance
Why when they broke the news
My TL said another one
Why they killing all my brothers
still ain't did shit about the other one

Why Obama been in office through Trayvon, Mike, Eric and Sandra
And all that we got is some fucking body cameras
Why the grand jury fucked up in every single verdict
What is fourth of July to a slave I know you heard it

The Orlando shooter had more compassion for black people just listen
I know y'all heard the heartbreaking story from the witness
But I bet a million dollars he gon get a death sentence
Tell the KKK they don't need to make a come back because police in America have already done that

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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