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Dear Dad,   I don't even know where to start. You're still alive, but I feel like you have been gone for a long time.   I miss who you were when you didn't drink, I hardly remember that person anymore.
I lay here as I think.. A dream, of another of me awake. I look up at the ceiling. Pictured. A smile on your warm face. How could I be so lucky, yet so foolish with my ways? I try to rest. To see another day.
A person you trust Gives a quiet hush With nothing to had, to love or to lust The person you know, gives a quiet hush
She was ripped from us We never had a chance to say  Goodbye I think of her Every Single  Day Mad Angry Upset Yes, you made me feel But, I wish I had a chance
Dear Papal, I remember everything, from day one. Your smile as bright as the sun. Your eyes, calm as the sea.. Always watching over me. Your heart, big and full of love.
Dear Grandma,  Two years have come and gone. It is difficult to believe it has been so long. It may feel as though you were just here, but it has been a couple of years.
Dear Daddy, When will you be home? These walls, they feel so empty In my house, I feel so alone. Here, my sadness drenches me;
It always comes back to you, you know. The center of it all, the center of me comes Back to you
 When he took the last breath, I knew it was real. I had not only lost my father, but the most important man in the world.
One day you’re here, the next you’re gone Going on without you, seems so wrong. I can’t seem to think straight. My mind is always up late.   The debt of why you’re not here,
How can you miss someone who was never physically there Never felt their touched or the texture of their hair Never held their hand or kissed their lips Yet they seem to be the only person you miss
  I don't know what to do.
You've got my heart fluttering on the ideas of us being together. My eyes get lost in your and just the thought of you blossoms my mind.
He loved me once Everyday he told me so.  Anytime of the day it didn't matter. Right there beside me or There in the middle of the day. space between us grew bigger and bigger
I start to walk and see tears in people's eyes I can not breathe and start to cry. Every breath, the air gets thinner And ever step just gets bigger. Are they tears of joy, or tears of sorrow?
I miss you even doe we see  you every day but when you said our long lasting friendship is over it took my breath away you were mor importan to me than anything you were like the sun shining on my diamond ring with out
What I remember Gets lost half way to December A missing goodbye Filled with sweet lies Waited all day Stayed up all night Then someone awoke me with a couple of lights,
I always thought nothing could ever hurt me,  I always thought I was unstoppable. Until the day came.. When I lost my bestfriend..   I never thought death could heart..
Something is wrong You’re so far away Not for too long You’ll be here to stay   Joined by mothers You are like a sister Though we can act like brothers And sure cannot whisper  
  I tried so hard To hold you near But then it happened My greatest fear   You made me laugh You made me cry I still don't understand
What is a father with his son,A boy without a dadashamed to ask his mother about any questions he ever hadhe used to be so excited, just to hear his dads voicebut its fadeding aways, he can see the devorce
It is rare that a man Can come to terms with Surrender. It is in a unfair waisteland that a man can make sense of these thoughts that will hinder. Its uncomprehensible that
The clock read ten minutes to eleven at night, night-time already and the day seemed to have leaked away, away while I was caught up in your beautiful eyes, eyes that told me to stay, so stay I did, 
I wish I could hug you, look you in the eyes, tell you that everything will be okay; that I will take care of everything when you're gone. But I can't.  
Today marks one
Damn, I miss you.   I  cannot belive this happened. Why can't you be alive and well?   I miss you so much.    Ever since that day almost a year ago, I've been hallow.   
There's a moment in everyone's life where a person who they thought would always be there disappears. It might be because of death, divorce, money or pride,  but for some people it's just the roll of the tide.
It’s been 5 years to the day, But when I wake I still see your face. They say you died a hero, I just wish you were here with me, All those times I needed a brother To help me be who I should.  
As the tears fall down my cheeks all I think of is you.
You may be far away, but I remember the day. Counting cars from the window, looking at your shadow. You told me not to be, like you; But Daddy I am strong, I get mad,
One... Two... I love you and I don't know what to do Three... Four... Fear is at my very core and you can't escape this hot war Five... Six... I don't have a bag of tricks and I'm sorry, there is no fix
  Now that I know you are gone,
Gone… But where?
There is an empty place in my chest, an empty spot where my thoughts use to flow and my memories use to play. The familiar rhythm that's kept me alive for so long is slowly coming to a halt.
Back to the pen and paper to write this last chapter. A year ago life as I knew it came to an end. You don’t need a summary, you know… But what you don’t know is how I have dealt, Or rather not…
Why would someone do such a thing? Someone please tell me why. He gave him so much of his effort. So much of his money and time. Between the two was everything. He'd helped him stand back up.
There's nothing I wouldn't give, I'm still addicted... But it's not really me you love, It's my best friend... There's nothing I wouldn't have done, Anything for you... You're all I've ever wanted,
a song's on repeat, something's not right. this time you're the reason I cried myself to sleep last night. moving on doesn't come easy, at least not for me. I know it's something I've gotta do,
I can feel him slipping Us growing apart I knew it would happen Didn't know he'd break my heart   At first it was just fun And then it took a turn The lust died and love grew
I lay my head down and think of my day Memories of you are put on display I try to sleep but my heart is racing Thoughts of you keep my mind always pacing I'm dreaming of your arms around my waist
I think of you everyday hoping that you are okay. Wondering if you think of me, if you even remember me. Standing here all alone, thinking alone. I think of that smile that made me smile,
Words cannot explain how much you mean to me nothing could ever compare or even ever be   You're my Dad, my one and only you're my leaning post although I love my family
It use to be so clear for the world to see, daddy's little girl that use to be me. I had no problems I was free from the world, all because I was daddy's little girl.
It's 1:41 am I am still awake   The room is so lonely  I can only shake   Where are your two strong arms beautiful hands to hold mine   Bring me into the safe, warm
Every year of my life, every month of the year, and every day that goes by I keep forgetting that you’re no longer here. I wished this pain would all go away but each countless moment I thought you I just made the suffering continue longer.
This is to my boys, The ones who call me shawdy I’ll always remember you, And one of my treasures you’ll be   Tats and goldchains, Pants saggy and free. Will always be a lesson
I miss those days when you actually cared.When you had a million and one things to do, But you still made time for me.When, even when I was the most horrible child, You still spoke to me.
There was a glow in the sky today A beautiful angel gained his wings Down here on earth we'll never understand Above us God had a bigger plan He decided it was time for him to come home
Never did I think you'd be a part of the past, our time together went by a little too fast. What you've now done for this community, is what will forever go down in history. You gave your life to save another,
Some days I wish I could see you again, but we both know our Time together passed much too fast. I still look at the pictures and I want you to know my Love still overflows to you.
There's a field at the beginning of town, With tombstones that line the ground. Everyday gets harder to pass, I take other roads so that good memories last. That morning in March replays in my head, Like a bad test you continue to dread.
Fire erupting from the depths Calmed in your embrace Angel, your song entwined with my fingers
If I could tell you one more thing, I would ask you to remember everything. I want you to know that I’m not mad, But yes I often to get sad. I still believe you can hear me,
Born and raised in SLC I am a mormon and I try to see how you can sit there and judge me.
My tears hit the page, but you can't see. My words fill the lines, no one reads them but me.   You're not blind, you've just gone away. You left me here; now I'm all out of sway.  
Love life love hard times move on whether you were a part of them at all can't move so stop trying hearts bleeding eyes crying there's an expiration date
You and I, we used to talk. Now everything’s just wrong. You know I tried you know I tried. But I guess there is nothing I can do to really convince you to stay, the sun is going away,
Hey love. Its been almost seven years since I last saw your smile. I love you so much, you know that? Best friend, i could tell you anything And I sat here, for a year straight wanting to bring harm to myself
While you're weeping at my grave, I'm right there next to you. I am hoping you will be brave, I wish you would stop feeling blue.
The days continue as they always have, But they aren't quite the same. A hole has opened in my chest To know that it will be a while till we meet again.
Sitting on a stained dock Amidst the four winds Is the figure of a woman. Have you seen her before? Her dark locks lifeless As her body sits frozen. Her white dress stained With red.
For when you miss me most Close your eyes, breathe, and smile Pick your moment and smell the air Feel the feelings you felt that day and never let them go
This poem is dedicated to my nephew who died at 14 months. I miss him every day, and it makes me even sadder to know that his little brother is turning two in April and has outlived him. We miss you forever and always Jakob Carol Warren.
Life is short, It's said all the time, But you don't realize it, Until the day that you die, Well that had never applied to him, He lived his days full, With work and with love,
It will come soon, that dreadful day. Last night I watched the moon, just cried and sat that way. Nobody is yet ready to let you go. We all just sit restless yet steady,
Memories, tragedies, love and loss. I can’t wrap my finger around what it is, that messes me up like this. Is it the way you left or what you said, That constantly replays in my head?
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