My tears hit the page,

but you can't see.

My words fill the lines,

no one reads them but me.


You're not blind,

you've just gone away.

You left me here;

now I'm all out of sway.


You left the dance floor;

and me, I'm alone.

I'm sitting here waiting

for you to come home.


You'll stare at me

from across the room,

and again it will seem

as if love is in bloom.


Maybe this time

our love will take flight.

Once our friendship

has jumped to a new height.


Oh, the thought of you

sweeps me right off my feet!

I hear your name;

there goes my heart beat.


Perhaps you'll hold me

close in your arms.

You always get to me

with your sweet charm.


Just think of it,

of all we could be.

See how perfect

you are for me?


But, this isn't right…

No, something is wrong…

and now I remember-

That you’re still gone.


I'm sitting here waiting,

for you to come home.

I don't like this feeling of being alone.


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