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Life is short,
It's said all the time,
But you don't realize it,
Until the day that you die,
Well that had never applied to him,
He lived his days full,
With work and with love,
And with every known tool,
His smile was contagious,
Like a spreading disease,
I think that's what I miss the most,
Is not seeing it gleam,
Those beautiful blue eyes,
Like a breaking wave,
Oh the things that he'd do,
To make your day,
He had the heart of a soldier,
And was valiant and clever,
God blessed us with those few years,
And every moment was treasured,
Now he's in Heaven,
Safe in God's hands,
So we'll wait for the day,
When we get to see him again,
I know the days go by slow,
And everything now is so different,
But you know what he wanted, so get up and go,
Forever in our hearts he will be, Britton


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