Deep Thoughts

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My thoughts linger hazily in my head. My heartbeat no longer pounds in my ears. My stomachs is numb and hollow. A faint high pitched buzz consumes my vision.
My thoughts linger hazily in my head. My heartbeat no longer pounds in my ears. My stomachs is numb and hollow. A faint high pitched buzz consumes my vision.
The further I run, the closer it gets the brevity of the feeling is muddled When the severity of the situation is doubled then it sets Leading to a sensation of Dripping in sweat The threat is not escaping
I miss you And all I wanna do is kiss you But this bliss is not like a french kiss it is more like hit or miss   I wish I could be close to you But all I do is banish those memories
I am doomed By my conviction.Or is it just my assumption?I am sad.But I know I ain't depressed,I just don't feel happyOr any reasons toHave been delighted.I am that cloud
Climbing out of the window at night to sit on the roof of our two story house was an outlet for me. Out went the air conditioning as I opened my window, and the dreams snuck into my bedroom.
It’s Better late than never to grab the bull by its horns and remove the reoccurring feeling of the thorn, I’ve bitten the bullet once some things never change bridges keep burning no pain no gain.
The world is surrounded by noises but one catches my attention Words, some are empty some are full Words, people just love to give you an earful Words, sometimes they hurt sometimes they empower
What's it like to be hurt The feeling isn't what we usually crave  Neither of two sides of a fight wins The whole world feels like it's about to end The adrenalin being ruhsed into the veins increases
I'm trying to write down these thoughts but the pencils break and all i'm looking at is a blank page My mind screams at me to listen  Everyone else tells me to forget Then the man beckons me closer
What does my homework think of me? I’m sure it doesn’t like me anymore than I like it… It sits in a musty folder all day Waiting for me to pull it out
One is torn from the inside out as the death of life and the consequence of the original sin of \mankind manifests its estrogenic massacre;/ The red of the fruit \of the knowledge of good and evil pollutes /white linen so neatly;
Why is it That all of my best work Comes at my lowest points?
My mind is racing Back and forth its pacing Sitting here thinking Reminiscing Cant go another day thinking that Im missing Your smile, the way it comfort me at night When I couldn’t get anything right
The TITANIUM skin of my body that bear carvings and marks of a past life i once knew, in a world filled with life turned dull and gray, filled with war and hate, each passing day my hopes lessen for myself and my inner-being.
Say something in a world of silence, pain, grief, and regret knowing those who wont  listen and those who will, those that truly understand one anothers pain and  reacreation of the darkness that flows through our emotions.
As I close my eyes and try to think I ask myslef, "Who am I really?" Do I know ? Does anyone ever know you they really are? We live in a world filled with norms and rules that keep us looking alike, feeling alike, just BEING alike.
I am thankful for the clothes on my back thru this chilling season,For the roof over my head and comfortable bed,For the plenty of food that keeps my tummy full,
The whole world is screaming Everyone has an answer and none of them are correct It’s a mass of conflicting ideals of religion and politics and argumentative tones
mind is on hold heart is in fast-forward words were once all I needed to hear now I need a proclamation a declaration from you to me make me your everything desire at will your power, your love
Lost is the lady bee in the apple tree Drawn to the nature without a mother Carrying only a bit of poison to protect herself Looking for the soft petals of security
Into the den of the wicked blackbird and past my less fortunate peers, I arrived in an orchard humming with growth and the beauty I no longer possessed.  
Raw Emotions can spill onto a page without making a sound Which brings the greatest sense of freedom (I’ll ever allow) ‘Cause some things should Never be spoken (aloud)
)My freedom is not free Others who came before me Worked for what I have Not to be taken for granted I am standing firmly planted My eye is on the prize Freedom is not Free
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Birds are free. They soar the skies endlessly. I can only feel recognition for the one in the cage. Alone and depending on the hand that feeds it. I'm the one locked in the cage
Running through the striped tunnel, its a long way. You can't stop running, that's your life goin on. But you'll stop, just this once Turn around. the walls have photos, frames of your life, glimpses of your past.
In the light we see darkness In the darkness we see light But what light?
To be at the top, you dont have to be hot. You may be hot, but what not? A lack of knowledge Knowledge is Power.
The war was caused by visionaries Looking for a better future, But one can only wonder - Was this the society they had in mind? Their war scarred my people with its devastating aftermath,
Life, what is it that you cant do to me. What lessons, what fate is there that you are dying to show me. My hearts stopped, my mind is froze, my legs are locked so do your worse to me.
She's standing there as the leaves begin to fall, Memories flashing through her head blurring all. She looks around and begins to see who it was she use to be.
A mother's journey is the journey of life of nature or nurture of happiness and of sadness.
I feel like, every black teen wanna be the next big hooper And if they don't make it, they feel like they've been Kama Sutra'd Some play overseas for a backup plan
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