That Person Behind the Curtain

As I close my eyes and try to think I ask myslef, "Who am I really?" Do I know ? Does anyone ever know you they really are? We live in a world filled with norms and rules that keep us looking alike, feeling alike, just BEING alike. But who are we really? I don't really know. All I know is that parts of us are kept locked up and out of sight so that they won't "interfere" with society. But I don't get it...what's the point of living in parts when you'll never be whole? What's the real point of telling yourself to just "be yourself" when we all know that isn't who you'll be. When I try to dig deep inside of me all I find is a sense of unfullfilled power raging inside of me, waiting to break free. I want to BE whatever I can be. I want to DO whatever I want to do. But then I open my eyes to see reality and all the obstacles faceing me waiting to catch me before I can ever break free. So I keep it inside of me buried deep until I sleep again and see the real "ME" as I dream, I can finally escape the oh so dreadful Curtain of a reality, and finally just be me. I guess you could say that the "Person" behind the curtain is what everyone's supposed to be yet the fear of unacceptence is what hides that Person so that he is never to be heard of again unless we take the time to think about it. I guess we can never really free that person but we can only dream right? 


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