I miss you

I miss you

And all I wanna do is kiss you

But this bliss

is not like a french kiss

it is more like

hit or miss


I wish I could be close to you

But all I do is banish those memories

like old accessories

because when I think of you at night

everything seems bright and pretty right

but when I wake up it feels like a clapp and than I´m trapped


I know you don´t even know

it is indeed like a bad show

I felt so much for you

and you don´t even have a clue

that I argue about my feelings

I wish there would be  a peeling


I wish I could wash you away

far away

and I hope one day I will wake up

and think no way

not possible that I ever felt this way

and even rememberd your birthday


This day will be my salvation

with no negation

I hope this day will come

when I can say

I don´t miss you

it was all a ignition miss and I don´t need your kiss

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Cyprian Van Dyke

Well explained and expressed write. I like how it ends, flipping the beginning. Tyfs!!!


Thank you so much I think it is so important to get feedback even if it's something really private sharing this makes me feel so much better and if people can identify with me or better said with the situation and understand it's so empowering!!!

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