Never escaping

Sat, 01/18/2020 - 21:22 -- EJ123

The further I run, the closer it gets
the brevity of the feeling is muddled
When the severity of the situation is doubled then it sets
Leading to a sensation of Dripping in sweat
The threat is not escaping
But settling for anything less
The weight on my mind is aching
With my Heart beating out of my chest

The smooth sailing phase comes crashing down when the storm arrives, with knives piercing through me which push down deep in my wounds that come alive every time i enter my room

I need to make a resolution with a solution
Will i find it at the bottom of the bottle like the leaves that inevitably fall in autumn or will I find it in the relationships that I've broken

I need the peace of mind that I can't find
will it forever be lost in my head
Or will it contain feelings that I dread Everytime I lay in my bed

I have many questions with so many distractions. Trapped in a ever shifting maze that I can't fix no matter what I say running out of time as the clock ticks
Deceiving myself with my own tricks

looking for anything to save me from the mess I dragged myself in which gets further muddled the more I delve myself in the stress


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