Mind Racing

Tue, 04/26/2016 - 19:47 -- _xotia

My mind is racing

Back and forth its pacing

Sitting here thinking


Cant go another day thinking that Im missing

Your smile, the way it comfort me at night

When I couldn’t get anything right

But this pain that I wish no one could receive

Doctor told me to take a alieve

But it just feels like the pain is not relieving

Arguing and disagreements

Just come as a result of inconvenience

And that’s why everyone keep there emotions a secret

They think that showing love is a sign of showing weakness

But I sit back and I think to myself

What's the point of having strength when there is no weakness

Contemplating on rather or not imma keep playing this game

When there's no escape

I mean even though there's fences doesn't mean I cant jump this gate

Then again my mind is racing

Turning and grinding against another piece

All these thoughts in my head its hard to find peace

He told me baby girl take some time

Relax and ease your mind

Every thing will fall in place if you just work hard and grind

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