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Congrats you’re chronically ill Go ahead and take these pills Learn about your disease It’ll give you a lil ease Diagnosed with diabetes
Dear Future Self,
High and low Never normal Always fighting Am I losing the battle Some days it feels like it Always on my mind Always there Like a leech Or a tick Blood-sucking bastard
To my love,  My nightmare lurks... The needles and the pain hurts... Will you coddle me?  As I cry out when the needle pierces me? Will you love me and be there when it pierces my skin?
It has been 5 years 60 months 1825 days with Type 1 Diabetes it's not always easy people stare and comment as you poke, prick, and inject yourself embarrassment
7 years old 7 fears told 7 the worst of years A sad story told Plagued with sickness A disease genaticlly throw My pancreaus died away To each a fate is thrown Insulin dependent
My first love was you, tiny but expensive bottle of insulin. I love you and I know we fight a lot and forget about you sometimes, but I truly appreciate you for everything that you do for me.
I close my eyes to fall asleep and soon begin to dream. And in this world, a carefree life is all it seems to be.My friends are here talking about what they would like to eat.
I am athletic, but diabetic. I wonder if people look at me and instantly know I have diabetes. I hear the crowd cheering me on while up to bat. I see myself being honored one day for raising so much money.
I Am poem ... I am athletic, but diabetic. I wonder if people look at me and instantly know I have diabetes. I hear the crowd cheering me on while up to bat.
I’d like to tell you about – But I can’t. I shouldn’t go around telling people – It probably wouldn’t interest you anyway. I should probably just go, before I accidentally tell you –
Mother fails. Denies. Cries. Unused to failure, she is forced to admit He won’t apologize.   It took me awhile to finalize The difference between “hypocrite” And “illness.” Mother cries.  
When the sick man began to submit, Those around him began to realize, But Mother said to be compassionate.   It started with an argument. In my eyes he was penalized. When the sick man began to submit.
I am the rock. I keep you centered, With your feet on the ground. I make you feel better, Even when I can’t make myself feel the same.
Sick in the hospital Diabetes has me here again My pumps not working All my panceras is, is dead.
Im a poetic diabetic. I rhyme, and forget to take my insulin on time. I write, if my blood sugars allright. i let the words flow, unless im having a low. I paraphrase a bunch, and i inject at lunch.
I don't remember much from the hospital The white walls The smell of clean diseases The prick of a needle in my arm The dizziness becoming clear again   I don't remember when the doctor told me
I have two diseases that will always control my life They have been a burden, a pain, a constant strife They tell me when to eat, sleep, and cause me to cry But I know I cannot give up, I just have to try
Pain. Everyday, every hour. Neddles, Insulin, Blood. This is my life. My immune system rushes in to crush me. Im dying. All I can think bout is the babies. The ones who know my pain.
I take forever Looking in the mirror.Connected to a machineThat acts as my pancreas.Never truely naked.
Angela Harris On HubPages
The happiness dims down His number is like a roller coaster My heart beating out of my chest The sight of him walk and helpless
The prick of the finger goes deeper than skinAs you know you are passing this burden onto kinNo more desserts the doctor said, not even pieAt that statement a tear fell from my eye
Sitting here all alone, or so it may seem; The darkness sweeping over you, a terror not a dream. Why must this darkness linger here, destroying what we know?
The place where young children used to play,no longer a land full of babes,in the dark they walked off,grown up and old and cold and gone.
Tubes Wires Needles Clear liquid, shoot through your veins Thump-Thump Thump-Thump Faster, Faster The EKG alarms
Since the beginning I can remember; That red light on my little finger. That same light; I visualize. The sad look in my mother’s eyes, And the droning levels of my cries. It’s commencing.  
He's the character of man who thinks himself kind and generous until it's all that he is— a gentle touch, a loving caress. Prick and squeeze, penetrate and hug. A single finger.
The memory of that first semester still hurts Those events that changed my life still burn. It’s no surprise, if you imagine inheriting a life-changing disease.
They say I'm one in a million And that they are close to a cure all I know is I need 5 shots a day Of that I can be sure At least I'm not dead I keep that in my head But what I wouldn't do
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