A Blessed Curse


Los Angeles
United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

Since the beginning I can remember;

That red light on my little finger.

That same light; I visualize.

The sad look in my mother’s eyes,

And the droning levels of my cries.

It’s commencing.


My father stunned, and taken aback.

The amount of words there of we lack.

I was too young to know what I was there for.

All I can remember is a silhouette by the room door.

I was young and unaware; I wish I knew more.

It’s progressing.


As a toddler, I am caught.

As a child, I am taught.

Pre-teen memories, I’ve shed multiple tears.

Multiple tears that concealed my fears.

Through middle school, and all of these years.

It’s permanent.


Learning to live with this condition;

Has proved to be a challenging transition.

A doctor’s visit, medication, and blood vial;

With them all I reconcile.

Through this curse, I stand on trial.

I’m an experiment.


In high school it was the same.

Played so terrible, my medical game.

Some people ask to know something about me.

I’d say I had diabetes ever since I was a baby.

They’d look in disbelief and the truth they want to see.

It’s exposed.


Ninth through twelfth grade was a major test.

To get through a day with balance, I was blessed.

I graduated and have the chance to indulge in our reality.

The life I live is sustained through responsibility.

I would not be here if I did not listen to my family.

I am composed.


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