Silver Linings


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The memory of that first semester still hurts
Those events that changed my life still burn.
It’s no surprise, if you imagine inheriting a life-changing disease.

What I noticed first was the unquenchable thirst
But my sheer lack of energy was by far the worst.
This was the onset of this life-changing disease.

Next came the blurred vision, and the lack of appetite
The fact that my wounds wouldn’t heal just didn’t seem right.
And so was the progression of my new, undesirable condition.

I lost 25 pounds, about 20% of my body weight
My grades sank, and I was filled with depression and hate
For the symptoms of what I didn’t know then was an autoimmune disaster.

As the end of the semester drew near, so did the end of my life
The compilation of my symptoms caused me such strife
I finally began to accept that I may have a life-changing disease.

Diagnosed and distraught in the emergency room
Grades, health, and happiness, all seemed subject to doom.
To this day, it's a struggle, making room for this disease which forever complicated life.

Imagine getting a job you didn’t want, don’t like, and can’t leave;
I liken that to my new condition, Type 1 Diabetes.
Far too many people suffer from this same life-changing disease.

I’ve learned to manage blood sugar, learned to administer my own shots,
Developed emotional calluses that have made me strong.
I’ve learned to deal with ignorant comments and questions.
Come to think of it, I’ve learned so many good lessons
That I would not have learned had I not developed this disease.

Despite the bad, the one thing I know for sure
Is that nothing can help a person grow more
Than getting over life lived before
And adapting to life after the onset of a disease.

Health problems and conditions, they affect us all in different ways
But there is one lesson that undeniably remains:
There is a silver lining to any hurtful experience or life-changing disease.

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