High and low

Never normal

Always fighting

Am I losing the battle

Some days it feels like it

Always on my mind

Always there

Like a leech

Or a tick

Blood-sucking bastard

Time taker

Life stealer

Pain causer

Why was it me?

Not my father

Not my sister


Thank you for sparing them the pain

But why did I have to take it on?

I have enough

I want a normal life

Not with you

Constantly at my side

In my mind

Present in my body



I want you gone

A metaphorical eviction notice

Please remove yourself as soon as possible

But I know it just can't be

You are an irremovable parasite

Stealing my time

My limbs

My eyes

My life

My family

My mental health

You ruin everything

You ruined me

You make me so angry

I want to explode

I wish I could fix you

I have enough to deal with 

Without you on my plate as well

I could be normal

But not with you

Always there

Attention whore

Blood-stealing bastard


I hate you

You ruined my life


Leave my body

Get out

Let me be normal

This poem is about: 
Our world


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