I Am...

I am the rock.

I keep you centered,

With your feet on the ground.

I make you feel better,

Even when I can’t make myself feel the same.

I make you laugh,

Even if I want to cry.

I am the sun shining through a rainy day,

For everyone but myself.


I am an old soul.

I give advice,

Even when I don’t get the same.

I love unconditionally,

Even if your feeling don’t correspond.

I make other people’s decisions,

Even if I can’t make one for myself.

I am mature enough to do the right thing,

Even if I love you.


I am broken.

I have feelings,

Even though I keep them inside.

I love my family,

Even though their words cut too deep.

I fight every day,

To not cry.

I am the rock,

And rocks aren’t supposed to break.


I have a roommate.

It lives in my body every day,

Making my blood thick.

I have to take shots,

Even though I don’t like needles.

I have to take pills,

Even though I can’t swallow them.

I am a Diabetic,

And I can never give up.


I am blind.

I can’t see what others see in me,

But I’m trying so hard.

I can’t see the beauty they see,

But I want too.

I can’t see the talent they see,

But I need too.

No, I can’t see the girl they see,

But I am waiting for my reflection show me the real me.


I am a mountain of puzzle pieces,

Thrown haphazardly in a box.

I am a mix of emotions.

I am a rainbow with black clouds.

I am the foundation.

I am the one who laughs the loudest.

Yet, I am the one who cries the most.

But I will rise.

I will let go of this load I carry,

And run into the sun.

I will be genuinely happy one day,

And I can’t wait for my day to come.



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