My First Love

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 18:08 -- Jaduhh


United States

My first love was you, tiny but expensive bottle of insulin. I love you and I know we fight a lot and forget about you sometimes, but I truly appreciate you for everything that you do for me. The past sixteen years with you have been a rollercoaster but we always seem to come running back to each other in the end. We have had our fair share of arguments and even have broken up a few times. That was the hardest thing I have ever done. I felt like I was dying without you but like always we weren't without each other for long. I honestly feel like you make me a better person. I hate to say this but I hope one day I won't have to depend so much on you and we can go our seperate ways because although I love you, we both know we hurt each other and it is not a natural relationship. Its not to say that you havemt had a big imact on my life, youve probably had the biggest one. Right now a life without you would be a very short lived one. Love hurts and in our case it is literal. 

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