Chronically Ill

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 21:17 -- alihay

Congrats you’re chronically ill

Go ahead and take these pills

Learn about your disease

It’ll give you a lil ease

Diagnosed with diabetes

“For a kid that can’t be easy”

I can’t believe this is real

Go ahead and take these pills

Watch your fats, carbs and sweets

Or this illness will have you beat

Follow the diet, It’ll be alright

Stick a needle, draw some blood, run the tests

With that there’s no protests

This is what it is

The rest of my life will be like this

Forced positivity kills

Go ahead and take these pills

Aged 16 with celiac

Everything is problematic

Learn the signs

Follow the lines

Take precaution

sick often

Take the pills

New prescription

Different description

Learn the steps

All from reps

Be prepared for your future

“You’re a real trooper”

Take the pills

Take the pills

Take the pills

It’s time to take responsibility

For your brand new disability

I know now to appreciate more

Who know’s what the future has in store


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This poem is about me and my new disgnoses at 16 and how i had to take responsibility and learn about them so I can take care of myself.

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