Just "Hannah"



I wish I could explain 

how it makes me feel. 

My shell is strong, and I look it. 

But sometimes I break down.  

I ask why it had to happen to me.  

I was only three.  

The shots, the pumps, the meters. 

The lows, the highs, the sickness.  

I just want a cure.  


I was forced to grow up. 

I could never really just be a kid. 

At sleepovers, I came with instructions. 

At school, some kids thought I was a robot. 

I had to see the nurse twice a day.  

I couldn’t eat the birthday cake. 

I couldn’t have all my candy at Halloween. 

Some kids just didn’t understand 

and thought I was weird.  

I shook it off, 'cause even then I was strong.  

But, I would have even given up my favorite blankie  

for a cure.  


Now, I don’t throw pity parties.  

I know it could always be worse.  

I try keep my head held high.  

It gets a little easier.  

I am self-sufficient.  

I am strong.  

But sometimes it is too much. 

Sometimes I have no control.  

I would give anything for a cure.  


I want to just be "Hannah".  

Not "that girl with diabetes".  

Just, Hannah.  

I want to be in control of me 

I am tired of being sick.  

I want to live life without the stress, 

Without the fear of what might happen. 

I want to be a normal, healthy teenager. 

I know why God made me this way now. 

He wanted me to be able to help others 

going through the same thing.  

And I help them, 'cause I know their pain 

But, I just keep praying that someday  

I wont have to, because we'll all be free.   

I just keep hoping,  

and I have a feeling that soon 

They will find cure. 

I will just be "Hannah".



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