I Am poem

Thu, 02/25/2016 - 19:13 -- dunnesa

I Am poem ...

I am athletic, but diabetic.

I wonder if people look at me and instantly know I have diabetes.

I hear the crowd cheering me on while up to bat.

I see myself being honored one day for raising so much money.

I want people to look beyond my diabetes, and treat me normal.

I am athletic, but diabetic.


I pretend I am fine when I may be low or high.

I feel overexcited when coach puts me in the game as centerfield.

I touch home plate with my cleat, running the bases after my homerun.

I worry when a pop-fly is hit to me and I might miss it.

I cry whenever I go low at softball and can’t play.

I am athletic, but diabetic.


I understand I have to live with this disease.

I say being with my friends and playing softball sometimes gets my mind off it.

I dream that my softball team will make it to nationals this summer.

I try very hard to raise as much money as I can for JDRF.

I hope one day there will be a cure for me and others.

I am athletic, but diabetic.

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